This Page is Moving!


Hi everyone! I am repeating the prior post because I figured out how to add in hyperlinks for your convenience. Please come over to the new site (The Verdant Home) and resubscribe so you won’t miss any news, recipes, and frankly… so I’m not all alone over there! I have some very cool ideas of things I can now add that were previously not a possibility on this site, which will hopefully make it worth your while to spend a few seconds to sign back up. Eventually I will be closing this WordPress hosted site, but not until I have personally contacted everyone first.

The new site will allow my to post more content and better serve you, the reader. THANK YOU for joining this community and making my world a little bit better place. All future recipes, videos, blogs and stuffs will be found at the new site. Please sign up so you don’t miss any of the crazy adventures, cooking disasters and successes, and the newest content which I am very excited to bring to you just because!

Peace and joy!
The Verdant Home

By the way, if anyone wants any help setting up their own self-hosted site, please let me know. It’s unnecessarily difficult and I’m more than happy to help in any way I can!


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