Experiencing the Miraculous: The Burning Bush

I have debated whether to share the following post for some time but I finally decided that if it helps someone who is struggling, then it’s worth any potential fallout. Please know that this is a moderated blog and abusive posts directed at me or anyone else will not be allowed.

When life is really difficult, it would be nice to know- and I mean really- know that you are not alone. Somehow it makes a huge difference to know that although current circumstances are painful or scary or sad or uncertain, that God really is “holding you in the palm of His hands.” This is my story and I hope it encourages and comforts you.

When I was in college I was dating a man who was incredibly manipulative and abusive. I really wanted to get away from him, but felt helpless to escape. I wasn’t living with him but, as is so often the case with these situations, I felt controlled even from 30 miles away. Finally one day I had reached my limit but had absolutely no idea what to do. I was in my dorm room laying face down on my bed sobbing in despair. All of a sudden I had this “sensation” that a Presence was entering the room through the ceiling. The Presence completely filled up the room as if the room were a glass of water- but upside-down. I “knew” exactly the position of this Presence as it descended into the room and through me and my bed until the entire room was filled. At the same time this was happening, I could “see” every single thing in the room, every single dust mote floating through the air, all of it. To say that I was terrified is an understatement. (Words are very inadequate to fully explain, but I am trying!) I was frozen as I laid face down on my bed waiting to see what was going to happen. I wondered it this was what happened when people died! Then I “heard”  a voice say to me that everything was being taken care of and I did not need to worry. A sense of complete and utter Love, Compassion and Acceptance infused this voice. I felt so completely embraced by this Presence and all my fears melted into relief and joy and peace. I started with the “But how are You going to…”, when I “heard” a chuckle and “I’m taking care of it. It will be ok.” Then just as the Presence entered the room, it left and I was left laying on my bed wondering what the heck just happened and relieved I now had a way out of my dilemma. A few days later I was in my bathroom curling my hair and my brain started back up on the “hamster wheel of worry.” This time I just “heard” the voice say with an an amused chuckle,” I thought I told you I was taking care of this.” I responded out loud that I forgot, was sorry and went about my day filled with joy. Within a week I had broken up with the crappy boyfriend. Looking back I realized I actually did all the work, but I was able to do what I needed to do because I knew beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt that I was Divinely Loved and cared for.
This was not the first time I had a “conversation” with my Higher Power but was the most amazing Burning Bush experience of my life to date. I hope this helps you realize that YOU are also Divinely Loved and you are not alone. And if you have your own Direct Experiences you would like to share, please share them here so other can be encouraged in their daily struggles. Please allow me to quote from one of my favorite people, Wayne Dyer: “I’m a realist. I expect miracles.” Yep. Me too. And may you be blessed with joy.

Sidenote: I am not affiliated with any religion and this post does not represent any particular set of beliefs. All I am doing is relating my experience in the hope that it can help someone. Go in Peace!


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