Finding the Skinny

I have been overweight for large percentage of my adult life. I didn’t start out overweight, but the combination of the incredible stresses I had to manage over the past 25 years and very limited resources, well I turned to food and have been trying to get off overeating ever since. I have always watched those folks who consider food ONLY as fuel, and while I know they use other external solutions that help them cope with their lives and likely torment them as well, I would like to be healthy and not be tormented. Sound familiar?

I stumbled across a program several years ago based on research done at UC- San Francisco Medical School (Emotional Brain Training). The basic premise is that if we HAD learned the appropriate skills, the we’d be using INternal solutions and not eating (or whatever). Ok. Sign. Me. Up.

As it turns out for me, it is more about telling myself the truth and hoping I get to the skinny part of me. I hope you don’t mind if I post about the food AND the angry/sad/afraid/guilty/happy/grateful/secure/proud. YES, not having these skills is why I always regained all the weight I ever lost, how I let myself be run over by a sister with narcissistic personality disorder, and explains how I got my sorry ass stranded in Texas. My hope is that telling the truth will help others and help me find my way back home, literally and figuratively.

Since this is MY blog, I plan on posting about the stuff that rattles around inside my head. I will warn you this is not a recipe post so if you don’t want to read about the stuff that sets me off/brings me joy, well, just exercise your privilege to pass on by, but please do not criticize. Updates on weight gains or loss will also be posted as I want to tell the truth about how this is working/not working in the real world. Peace!

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