Feeding My Family From Far Away

Well boys and girls, I think I FINALLY figured out what has been behind this drive to cook, cook, COOK! It may sound weird, but it is a way to connect with and feed my loved ones from so very far away. When I was fortunate to still live in Oregon, I would have my kids and friends over for meals…sort of the “gather round the table and bond” thing (think Italian movies). Well, I can’t exactly do that now that I’m 3,000 miles away BUT I can post recipes that I KNOW are awesome in hopes someone makes one, loves the recipe as much as me and thinks of me. Food = connection = family? Yeah, probably. And yes,  I miss home terribly but one thing at a time. I can’t move back unless I can make a living and at the present moment that means I have to stay here in Dallas. So meanwhile, if it’s alright with all of you, I will continue to post the tested BEST of the BEST and invite you to try them for yourselves and send me a little note from time to time.


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